When we as parents want to train children to begin to be independent, one of the most effective ways which can be used is to invite them to help us do work at home. Initially indeed, this is not easy, but the following trick is worth a try.

Make housework become an exciting activity

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Making daily activities as an exciting activities will make children interested in doing it because they will not view the activity as a burden. If parents often complain when doing housework and consider the work as a burden, then the negative perception will also be captured by children so they will also think that housework is a burden which they must avoid.

Start from simple things

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When parents do housework, there are many things which can be done by children because basically children love to do what their parents do, especially if children see their parents doing the work happily so that children see it as a fun thing to do. Start with a simple job and adjust the work to the child’s abilities. For example, children who have not been able to sweep because their hands are not strong to hold the broom and to swing it correctly can start helping you by getting a broom. If children are not able to wash, they can help get soap, sponge or other washing equipment.

Give praise and appreciation 

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When children are willing to help do housework, don’t forget to give praise and appreciation to their after they do the work. Althought maybe the work is not perfect and there are still many shortcomings, giving praise must still be done. Praise will make children more excited in doing housework.

Do work without a schedule

Photo source: athleticlab.com
Photo source: athleticlab.com

When you want to start inviting children to do homework, do it incidentally without planning. Therefore, children will feel housework is fun thing and not a burden which must be done. After children get older, we can give them a schedule to do housework.

Many parents don’t tell their children to do housework because at home there is already a housemaid. Some other parents think that their children should focus on their schoolwork without the need to do housework because academic achievement is very important to them. However, it should be remembered that there are many things which can be learned by children from doing houseworks. For example, children can learn about responsibility and discipline. These two things are very important in the formation of children’s character. So from now on, don’t spoil a children.

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